About Us . . .

The Eighth Chakra Angel Cottage is a retail shop and healing space, located  in
Dover, New Hampshire. We offer art, gifts and healing tools that celebrate our
eternal connection to angelic energy and spirit. It is the manifestation of a
long-held personal dream.

It is my intent to provide reasonably-priced quality healing tools to the
growing holistic community here in Dover and, as important, with the help of
the angels, introduce the greater community to the wide variety of holisitic
healing modalities and relaxation tools available to assist them in both their
human and spiritual lives.

In addition to angelic art and gifts, we offer  relaxation music, books, herbal
products, crystals and healing gemstones, Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls,
dowsing rods, divination decks and a variety of products that will appeal to
those on every level of their spiritual journey.  We host a monthly Reiki Share
and a Drumming Circle and offer tarot and psychic readings and a variety of
workshops and classes  designed to introduce folks to integrative healing and
energy work.

This education work also fulfills a desire, kindled fifteen years ago, to play a
part in ensuring that as many people as possible on our planet learn how to
channel Reiki and acquire the tools needed to assist them to live a more
peaceful, compassionate and creative life. This too is accompanied by an intent
to offer classes at a price that is affordable for all.

I am blessed and grateful to be in this place at this time and able to make this
small contribution to our evolution as spiritual beings.

All good wishes,